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Flying Sticks

Parc Ornithologique de Pont de Gau, France, July 2022.

60cm X 40cm - With wooden frame - Price 100€/£90

75cm X 50cm - Without wooden frame - Price 120€/£105

90cm X 60cm - Without wooden frame - Price 140€/£125


Flamingos are one of the most known birds on planet Earth because of their unique characteristics. Long necks, beautifully pink-coloured thanks to their diet consisting of algae and brine shrimps, of which their bodies metabolise the pigments, turning their feathers pink.

Captured by Ario, here are three Flamingos flying across the Pont De Gau Ornithological Park, in the extensive Camargue wetlands, South of France.

They are not strictly migratory birds, this population tends to disperse all over the Mediterranean Sea over winter, rather than doing a long flight looking for feeding grounds.

Scan the QR Code to listen to the recordings made at the same location and the week when the picture was taken.

If you would like to purchase the print, please get in touch with us below specifying the size and country of shipping.

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