Royalties and income for nature's sonic makers.

The sounds of nature don't have an agent, a record label, or an identity, so when someone records those sounds, they can just become theirs.

Nature's sound-makers should be rewarded, but how?

There are a few people working towards creating a public identity in the music industry for birds and animals, but this will take time.


We want to act now! Well, who's taking care of the sound-making nature? Conservationists, NGOs, and private people protect wild environments from urbanisation, pollution, logging, and poaching.


Sounding Wild Records is a record label that splits its revenue between the record label, the artist who creates the piece and who is making sure that sound keeps happening.


Every time you listen to a Sounding Wild Records published track, you will support nature. We call it 'passive-donation', donating without being aware of it.

This is our first step toward supporting natural sounds.


Listen to our tracks on all major platforms, and add them to your playlists!


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