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Supporting Wildlife Through Music

Sounding Wild Records is a unique record label dedicated to the sounds of wildlife. We split our revenue between the artists, the label, and wildlife protection efforts.

How It Works

When you listen to a Sounding Wild Records track, the revenue is shared:

  • The Artist: Who creates the music.

  • The Label: Sounding Wild Records.

  • Wildlife Conservation: The people and organisations we directly collaborated with in the field.

Why This Matters

Every purchase and stream on our label contributes to:

  • Protecting endangered habitats

  • Supporting conservation efforts

  • Preserving wildlife sounds for future generations

Where to Listen

You can buy sounds and music directly from our Bandcamp page.

Listen to our tracks on major streaming platforms:

  • Apple Music

  • YouTube

  • Tidal

  • Deezer

  • Spotify

How You Can Help

  1. Listen to our tracks

  2. Add them to your playlists

  3. Follow us on streaming platforms

  4. Share our music with others

Join Us in Supporting Wildlife

We're a new label with a big mission. By following us and sharing our music, you're helping to create a sustainable way to fund wildlife conservation.

Remember: Each time you play our tracks, you're making a meaningful contribution to wildlife protection we work with directly.


Here are the links where you can listen to the original album!

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Bandcamp
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
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