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Urdaibai Bird center, May 2022.

60cm X 40cm - With wooden frame - Price 100€/£90

75cm X 50cm - Without wooden frame - Price 120€/£105

90cm X 60cm - Without wooden frame - Price 140€/£125

The curtain closes the busy day in Urdaibai in May, the light slowly fades away, and the temperature drops slightly. Sitting and slowing down is the most you can do when your senses start feeling the tiredness of a long day. There is a clear feeling of tension, as we and many diurnal birds stop seeing as clearly as in daylight. Our hearing becomes more acute as everything becomes quieter.

Daytime singers start alarm calling during a time when predators are active the most. This doesn't last long, just until everyone's safe.

This is the time when the Nightjar starts its mating routine. Hard to see, the male claps its wings while making whistling calls to impress the female, while hearing various other males "churring" away with their symbolic call.

The night singers come in slowly then, establishing their nocturnal reigns one call at a time.



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