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Sounding Wild Expedition

We are Sounding Wild, two brothers who reconnected to nature independently from each other thanks to technology first.

Being migrants ourselves we feel inspired by migratory birds, their strength, behaviour and the environments they visit. We then decided to share our wildlife encounters with everyone on our way.

  • What we learned is to connect to nature and wildlife is necessary to experience it in real life.

  • Incredible wildlife to see is just around the corner, it's just a matter of noticing it.

  • Technology is a crucial part of our lives, and as Sounding Wild we use it to bring people closer to nature by deploying it close to their people's homes.


Axel Drioli With Daphne


Ario Drioli With Zusi


SWExpedition is a one-and-a-half-year overlanding expedition following the East Atlantic migration flyway, sharing local wildlife stories with the relative local communities. We live in our bespoke-equipped 4x4 vehicles, strong enough to go through the roughest off-roads.


The SWExpedition starts with the European phase in February 2023 from Tarifa, South of Spain, up to the UK following the bird migration coming into Europe for 6 months during spring. In September 2023 we will start our West African expedition for 8 months after it the South African which will take us down to Cape Town.


Every month we stop at a migration hotspot, spending the first three weeks capturing wildlife pictures, videos and sounds. In the last week we do the SW Experience, our own portable multimedia virtual photographic gallery using Virtual Reality headsets and our 10.2 bespoke loudspeaker system powered by KEF.

During the journey, we share stories with our digital audiences by sharing our encounters and updates with our main initiatives on top of social media campaigns.


SWPrints is dedicated to privately selling and organising photographic galleries of our own photographic prints, each is linked to a series of soundscapes which will take the audience straight inside the picture.


SWRecords ltd is our own record label dedicated to sounds that speak about nature, with concept albums and long recordings available on all the main streaming platforms.


We care about leaving a legacy wherever we go, and for this reason, we donate 20% of our SWPrints and SWRecords profits to the nature reserves where we capture the stories.

We also aim at teaching locals basic photographic and sound recording skills to create their own content and then share it using our platforms.

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