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Immersive Experience

Technology is all around us, all the time. Sometimes it's good, some other times bad.

Our generation has grown up with it.

Virtual Reality is something of the present, not of the future anymore.

We're curious about technology, its novelty attracts our attention.


Why not use it to show nature's beautiful stories, hoping to make the audience want to connect with it by themselves?


We are taking with us the most cutting-edge technologies in audio and video playback, to create the Sounding Wild Experience wherever we go!

We have developed a unique, bespoke application for Virtual Reality headsets which allows us to create virtual photographic galleries in a few hours.

This application can be installed in as many VR headsets as we want, we don't have limits.

Those galleries are linked via WiFi to our custom 10.2 loudspeaker system sponsored by KEF, of which 6 speakers are used at ear level, 4 at the top, and two subwoofers. This created a 'sonic bubble', surrounding the audience as not even the best cinema does!


Each picture and video has its own audio played back through the loudspeaker system, to make the audience fully present in that moment, one-to-one with nature.


We don't want to replace nature, we are bringing people closer to it to then explore it on their own!


The SW Experience in numbers:


  • 15+ only

  • 8 minutes long experience, 12 minutes per slot

  • 2x VR headsets used to far simultaneously, scalable to any number

  • 5 slots per hour, 10 people per hour with 2x headsets

  • 7 hours a day, around 65 people per day including delays and low times

  • over 120 people over two days

  • each person was 100% focused on the story for the entirety of the experience


Production times:


  • 1-day preparation of VR application and installation into the headsets.

  • 2 hours loudspeaker systems and VR headsets setup, including Spatial Audio mixing.

  • 2 hours to pack up and leave the location.

Check out all the experiences we created so far.

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