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Aiguamolls Experience

We were based at Castell Mar, a camping site near the sea. Our contact was Arnau Sargatal, a renowned conservationist, ornithologist and manager organising activities to connect the guests to the local wildlife. His extensive knowledge of the area has been incredibly helpful to focus on key species present in July there. Clémence Flores, the naturalist, was also a crucial collaborator who was working at the camping with Arnau organising activities for the guests. 

With this energic and passionate team we have managed to record and photograph over 20 species, and almost all have been included in the VR installation we have run over Sunday evening and Monday all day.

The Sounding Wild Experience

From big groups of White Storks feeding to Rollers flashing their beautiful plumage, European Bee-Eaters calling all around and Eurasian Scops Owl nesting at the entrance of the camping, we had a blast at Aiguamolls! Arnau, Clémence and the whole team at Castell Mar have been incredible. We are so glad to have met such beautiful people. We believe in each other work and we are now more than collaborators, we're friends on a mission to connect people to nature! This is the Sounding Wild Exploration's spirit!

How to make it even better?

Using four languages.

We are always improving, always learning something new, to tell better our stories. Apart from improving the VR app visuals with new backgrounds and higher-definition images, we wanted to improve the text readability. In Urdaibai, we had all the languages up at once on the same view, making it a bit too compressed and difficult to read the last sentences below. Also, this time we had to deal with 4 languages, Catalan, Spanish, French and English. We then created 4 apps in each VR headset, one for each language, so we could make sure each person had the preferred language clearly in front of them between pictures and videos. This a massive improvement and it only takes us 10 seconds to change between different apps!

Aiguamolls in numbers:

  • 4 weeks stay in the area.

  • Professional-grade pictures, videos and sounds of 20 species. 8 hours of VR installation.

  • 80 people from the camping enjoyed the experience and learnt about the wildlife they can find there.

  • Drunk at least one bottle of Ratafia.

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