*Picture of a Goldfinch hanging from a fishing line outside of the nest.


Sounding Wild Exploration

This is the first stop of our Sounding Wild Exploration journey!
From the sea through wetlands and to the forest, this is what the Sounding Wild team
Old text their two weeks stay in Urdaibai, in collaboration with the @UrdaibaiBirdCenter, Basque Country, North of the Iberian Peninsula.

This is the 360 video experience shown at the visitor center with our own VR hOld textspeaker system.

All the pictures, videos, and audio recordings have been captured by SW over the time in Urdaibai.

Special thanks to the Urdaibai Bird Center team, Rowan, Edorta, Jose-Mari, Arrate, Jon, and the rest of the team for being so welcoming and helpful over our time visiting the area.

We thank our part
Old textis journey:

@WWT, of which 'Wetland Link International' @wlislimbridge.1 and

@migratory_birds_for_people initiatives.
#FinlandyaCustoms for the 4x4 training and support
@nothng for the creative support and collaboration
@KEF.eu for sponsoring the multichannel loudspeaker system.