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From the stories of an ex-poacher to a ranger working for Wildlife Alliance, we’ll learn about how the natural environment and wildlife living in the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia had been threatened and protected. The sounds of nature will be the overture that leads our audiences on this discovery journey, where we introduce different endangered animals and discover how Wildlife Alliance works with local communities to save them.

A Virtual Reality documentary set on the edge between a community and the Cardamom Mountains rainforest in south-west Cambodia. This documentary focuses on conservation, wildlife and human-wildlife conflict, animals being the original protagonists of this story, but after having spent some time in the community, humans needed to be part of this documentary to have a more complete frame. The stories of two people who changed their life to protect the local wildlife, driven by the will and incredible hard work of the NGO’s ‘Wildlife Alliance’. In this 15 minutes long 360 experience with immersive Spatial Audio, the audience will learn about the people and wildlife living closely in this area, by being immersed in their environments, driven by a rich and dense immersive soundscape.

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