The Explorers

We are two avid explorers, creative technologists, passionate about wildlife and sustainable living, story-telling through field research... and we’re also brothers.

Axel Drioli

Director, Spatial Audio Designer and Producer, Soundscape Ecologist, Conservationist, Entepreneur, Producer, Researcher,
Founder of Sounding Wild.

Ario Drioli

Wildlife Photographer, Graphic Designer, Nature Enthusiast.


Exploring the African-Eurasian
bird migration flyways, wildlife
and their habitat, via land.

A 2+ years journey for the purposes of field research, documenting and bringing the story of one of the greatest migrations that takes place on Earth to the world.

We will be up-close and personal with wildlife and the communities on this incredible route that takes place annually to capture and share their story.

Bringing awareness to the importance of natural worlds.

Core Motivation

Research and production in the field

Wildlife sound

Creating deeper understanding of natural worlds and the sonic environment they create.

Tech 4 wildlife

Bringing cutting-edge technology to the field.

Exploring Ecology, Animal Behaviour and conservation programs

The Plan

Science + Storytelling

We intend to use science-based research studies in the field to bring innovative story-telling around natural worlds to create location-based experiences to each place we visit and then sharing our findings and content via online channels to create emotional human connections.


The mobile studio

4WD overlanding pick- up to reach the toughest environments.

A 10.2 loudspeaker system to showcase our work wherever we are.

A sustainable and modular setup

A custom-built mobile studio to safely transport our equipment for post- production on location.

3kW power supply via solar panels to charge our equipment and keep our operations running remotely and on-the-go.

Exploration Outcomes

Digital Audiences

For everyone to enjoy, from audio-only pieces to short- films and award-nominated 360 video productions.


Sharing our creative research
and production processes on our journey, within an academic format for our workshops.

Field research and

data processing

We have designed our research model based on a practical hypothesis to document and understand scientific aspects of behaviours and environments on the migration route.

Physical installations

To make the local communities participant of what we have found, through our cutting-edge 10.2 loudspeaker system installations with visual elements

Our finger print on the project.

No time-constraints

It’s crucial that our research study is uninterrupted and seamless, which is why we have designed and planned our processes to work remotely for the entirety of our journey.

Experimental reaserch

Using Spatial Audio as a tool for research, not only for content creation.

Multi-platform storytelling

- Accessibility in our story- telling is fundamental

- Engaging and exciting content for people of all ages.

- Immersing people into sonic environments that are not openly available to the public at large.

The Route

The plan consist in 2 phases, the first is starting from Gibraltar and follow the birds that comes in Europe in Spring 2022, then arrive in the Stockholm area around august and then go straight to Gibraltar again to cross the strait of Gibraltar by ferry and start our journey in Morocco till Cape town.

From May 2022 to August 2022

Travelling from south of Spain going north to Scandinavia.

From September 2022

Starting the African journey from south of Spain.

Exploration protocol

Within the timeframe there are multiple projects, which vary in time, based on the subject/topic of the research.

Explore the data and look for findings.

When on location, dive deeper into the stories and cases with the help of field experts.

Research stories based on the locations on the flyways.

In-situ applied sonic research methodologies to get a better understanding of the situation, either animal behaviour (bioacoustics) or habitat ecology (soundscape ecology).

Gather our research findings and formulate them into engaging bespoke content to share with local communities, universities and online.

Soundingwild Records

Our own record label dedicated to share the sounds of the natural world.

The difference from any other record label?

Its revenue is split between the organisation that takes care of the nature we capture, the sound recordist, the record label.

Cutting-edge sound technology research
Cutting-edge sound technology research
Cutting-edge sound technology research
Cutting-edge sound technology research
Cutting-edge sound technology research

Using cutting-edge Spatial Audio technologies

makes it possible to locate precisely the

direction of sounds in the field.

Existing outcome

Life on the edge

This is the project that inspired Sounding Wild Exploration.

Multiple deliveryplatforms: - VR
- Flat video
- sound only

- loudspeakers

Directed and Produced by Axel Drioli.

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What we are looking for

We are looking to collaborate with NGOs, academics, film-studios and high quality equipment producers and manufacturers.