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Glossy Gods

Parc Ornithologique de Pont de Gau, France, July 2022.

60cm X 40cm - With wooden frame - Price 100€/£90

75cm X 50cm - Without wooden frame - Price 120€/£105

90cm X 60cm - Without wooden frame - Price 140€/£125


The glossy ibis, with its shimmering coat of feathers and long, curved beak, is a common sight in wetlands and marshes. With a wingspan of up to three feet, it soars through the sky with an elegant ease.

Using its keen eyesight, the glossy ibis scans the shallow waters for its next meal, deftly plucking fish and other small creatures from the surface with its sharp beak. Its long legs and flexible neck allow it to navigate the waterways with ease.

As the sun begins to set, the glossy ibis takes to the skies once more, its silhouette a striking sight against the orange and pink hues of the evening sky. With a honk of farewell, it disappears into the horizon, leaving behind a sense of wonder and admiration in those who witness its beauty.

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