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What does our month look like?

Relax, meetings and prepping for the first week.

Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th and Monday 13th February 2023

We finally had the time to relax close to the beach and read a book, an amazing time off. The only problem? Axel had a belly ache all night and all day, making his relaxing time not so relaxing. No fun to suffer this when you don’t have a toilet in your vehicle.

His tummy was still a bit funny on Sunday, but we went out for lunch with the visitor centre manager and his colleagues to have a chat and introduce ourselves. Everywhere Axel goes he must try the local food, and he loves really weird food. This time wasn’t the best because of his physical condition, so he went for venison and chicken liver, easily. It was so damn good, and luckily his tummy was not too bad afterwards.

How do we plan our month you may ask?

During Phase 1 last year we learnt roughly how much it takes us to get everything we need without rushing and by being conscious of our timeframe. Overall our plan is the following every month for every migration hotspot.

  • Week 1 "Touch Base and Scripting" We get in touch with the local experts and visitor centre, discussing more in-depth what is going on and developing an initial script.

  • Weeks 2 & 3 "Filming and Recording" We take pictures, film videos and record sounds of the local wildlife, possibly interview people from the area, work on the script and eventually change it to fit what we find

  • Week 4 "Sounding Wild Experience" We develop our immersive experience and showcase it to a location. We can run it for several days, it's just a matter of logistics at the location.

And now to the already good news, we've seen our first House Martins! Already! Like Barn Swallows, they migrate from sub-Saharan Africa usually around March in the UK/northern Europe. They’ve arrived already, and we absolutely love their chatter. We're still figuring out what their call reminds us of. It will come one day.

We’re still camped at the beach, so it’s time to change.

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