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Before the Thunderstorm.

Urdaibai Bird Center, May 2022.

Sizes: 60cm X 40cm - With wooden frame

Sizes: 80cm X 60cm - Without wooden frame

Sizes: 100cm X 75cm - Without wooden frame

The Black Woodpecker is unmistakable, it has a clear sequence of raptor-like calls, ending it often with a series of trills. 

You can hear it resonating in European old-growth forests or large ones throughout the year. If you find a big hole in a tree in spring, open your ears and listen, you may be lucky enough to find a nest, this is the sound chicks make to call their parents for food.

It's such an elegant bird, isn't it? All black with a beautiful red stripe on the top of the head.

We were in Urdaibai (Bilbao, Basque Country, North Spain) and as usual, we would look for a fixed location where to camp to do our work, relax and sleep. 

We heard them calling for a few days until a powerful thunderstorm hit the area. The recording is the last time we heard either the parents or the chicks. We do hope the chick fledged to safety, but this we will never know...

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