Creating immersive sound-led wildlife experiences for conservation and research.


We collaborated with our friends at Habitat XR on this incredible project, a Riverbank Studios Production, in collaboration with with United Nations Development Programme India and The Ministry of Environment & Forests Govt. of India, has been selected as one of the three ‘Best 360° Storytelling’ finalists!

Sound Design, Foley, Spatial Audio Mix and Delivery by Sounding Wild x Spatial Audio Labs

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A Sounding Wild x Spatial Audio Labs production for Wildlife Alliance

From the stories of an ex-poacher to a ranger working for Wildlife Alliance, we’ll learn about how the natural environment and wildlife living in the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia had been threatened and protected.

Selected and already showcased at EarthXR2020, ARTSxSDGs and Kaleidoscope’s Virtual Noise at SXSW2020.

Visit a gorilla’s paradise.
By The Ellen Fund and Habitat XR

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Gorilla VR is also part of EarthXR’s 2020 official selection

Everyone told the filmmakers at Habitat XR that filming African leopards in the wild was impossible. The solitary animals are notoriously hard to catch on camera and are declining in population around the world due to habitat loss.

But these filmmakers were inspired to catch the animals on camera for an educational project for kids. A passionate Belgian philanthropist asked them to create an immersive VR education experience on Africa’s famously dangerous Big Five animals—lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo.

Not only did Habitat XR manage to film the leopards, they even got one on a kill and another one sniffing the camera! Check out the full 8K 360 video below (be sure to toggle on 8K quality for the highest clarity).


Project Lead, Spatial Audio Mix and Delivery – Axel Drioli (Spatial Audio Labs)
Sound Editing – Benedict Sanderson (Spatial Audio Labs)
Original 5.1 soundscapesGeorge Vlad’s Mindful Audio

‘A Predicament of Pangolins’ will be showcased at EarthXR 2020 conference!

Project by Habitat XR

Part of the award-winning Immersive Sound studio

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