Creating immersive sound-led experiences for wildlife and conservation.

Visit a gorilla’s paradise.
By The Ellen Fund and Habitat XR

‘A Predicament of Pangolins’ will be showcased at EarthXR 2020 conference!

Project by Habitat XR


Sopranos of the wild

Eleven hours in the jungle

Part of the award-winning Immersive Sound studio

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You'd think this was two pictures spliced together. It's not. The dividing line is a fence, on a slope in mid-Wales.
On the left: sheep grazing.
On the right: the start of natural regeneration.
If the sheep are kept out for long enough, it will revert to temperate rainforest.

Happy World #Pangolin Day!
We are taking them, with 'A Predicament of Pangolins' #360 documentary to @earthxfilm @earthxorg #earthx2020 !!

We designed the #SpatialAudio for this project produced and directed by #habitatxr

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