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Doñana National Park

Palacio de Acebron

Tuesday 14th February 2023

Located a few kilometres away from El Rocío, this is one of the last pieces of pristine, autochthonous woodland left. Eucalyptus plantations have been a disastrous business in the past 100 years, decimating native plants and even morphing the ground structure. Luckily, it was taken care of, Eucalyptus trees were removed, and nature took over again.

Click on the video above to see where we are.

Lots of woodland species; Short-Toed Treecreepers, Chaffinches, Wrens, many tits (the birds), Spotless Starling, and some lazy Night Herons, the latter being migratory, wintering to West Africa, so exciting to see them! Here is a picture of our work at Camargue in July 2022 during the SWExploration Phase 1.

Taken by Ario, Sony A7iii, Sony 200-600mm, Camargue July 2022

Do you know how to recognise a Chaffinch? Think of it as a waterfall, with a descending series of notes. Beautiful and it’s so common in Europe.

Recorded by Axel with a Wildtronics parabolic reflector and Zoom F6.

Often birds are easier to hear than see, so try and get used to their sounds before even seeing them, it's good practice, trust your ears!

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