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Next stop, Portugal!

Overdue update, 360 video and going to the next hotspot.

Mid-March through late March.

Travelling and working at the same time brings challenges, one of which is continuity in releasing updates and work. Every month we have one definitive deadline which needs to happen, the SWExperience, but it's not easy to keep track of all the digital updates.

Every month the two of us have to:

- Release the SWExperience as 360 video on YouTube, which is a 360 video production taking a few days to get properly done using a VR-ready laptop in any heat conditions, sometimes rendering times take 4 hours.

- Social Media updates with our work, videos, pictures, and reels. Ario has been working hard on getting all these up and running.

- Writing Expedition Updates, and coming up with new ideas.

- Post-production of pictures, audio and video for the SWPrints and SWRecords.

- And obviously, the most important part is being in the field. We're waking up most days really early (usually 1 hour before dawn) to go capture pictures and record audio, working during the day, and in the evening still pushing a bit to get stuff done.

We're not complaining at all, WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM, and we are learning how to balance everything together.

Wanna help?

Do you feel like you could help us in any of these fields? Please get in touch via email, it would be great to have someone to help us regularly with video production, social media management, and ideas.

Time to get some updates.

We are in Lisbon now, but first let's share with you all the first SWExperience of the 2023-24 Expedition, Doñana! Are you curious to see what we've been finding in this area? Check out the video below. It's in English with Spanish subtitles available.

To the next migration hotspot, EVOA!

After our deserved decompression day we started our journey towards our next destination, EVOA at the Tagus Estuary, Lisbon, Portugal. We stopped for a few days at a friend's place on the way and finally reached EVOA on Sunday 19th.

When we arrived, Andreia, Sandra and the team welcomed us so warmly, giving us exclusive access to the locations within the reserve. We don't remember the last time we have taken so many great pictures or recorded so many good hours of wildlife. It's been hard dealing with hard drive space, we have so much to share! We'll make sure to keep you updated more often with updates.

SWExperience at EVOA

In the meantime, if you're based in Lisbon, make sure to come and experience our SWExperience at EVOA on the weekend of the 15th and 16th of April, bookings are available already at this link.

One-off Spatial Audio Installation

And before that, this Saturday 8th of April we'll do a special "Spatial Audio Installation" at the main square of Vila Franca de Xira, close to EVOA, to engage with the locals and get them interested in their local wildlife. If you know anyone Lisbon based, please let them know about this so they can come and experience a unique sonic experience!

Below is the exact location for this Saturday's Spatial Audio Installation.

Keep an eye out for the next blog posts for more info regarding EVOA.

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