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Immersive Experience in Doñana!

SW Experience planned!

Week of the 27th of February

We have finalised the last details of the experience, which will happen on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of March 2023 at the Centro Francisco Bernis in El Rocio. We couldn’t be happier to have met Daniele Dessi, our contact from the centre who has been so helpful to help us find the right spots where to capture our migration stories.

Designs by Ario

We have started writing the experience storyline, where everything starts. We look at what we have found, what’s interesting and which stories could be more fascinating for our audience, and we then tailor it to the location where we are. We also want to highlight the environmental problems faced in the area, but we have to be cautious to communicate it in the right way, we don’t want to point the finger at people, we want to inspire them to find solutions which would benefit both nature and humans.

If you would like to see previous experiences we’ve done last summer and our latest demo, check out our page about the SW Experience.

We’re back in El Rocio area for a few days, trying to record House Martins at the Palacio de Acebron, but the noise pollution from near farms is unbearable. We really need to record them so we’ll have to find a solution somehow…

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