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Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, June 2022.

60cm X 40cm - With wooden frame - Price 100€/£90

75cm X 50cm - Without wooden frame - Price 120€/£105

90cm X 60cm - Without wooden frame - Price 140€/£125

One hour before Sunrise, the magic happens in springtime all around Europe, the Dawn Chorus. In Urdaibai we have seen some of the most beautiful clouds, pastel-coloured with the first morning rays of the Sun.

This is the moment we must stay still, we can't move, as one of the most beautifully improvised musical performances you can find on Planet Earth, this magical morning time has been the source of humans' artistic and musical inspiration for a long time.

It becomes almost impossible to listen to each bird, the sounds interlock one into another creating a wave of birdsong, contact and alarm calls which cover any other sound around.

You'll experience the most powerful of all musical events, it will be a journey of curiosity and discovery, and it will make you think about yourself and your position in that orchestra, as by being there, you'll be part of it and no one else in the world can experience what you'll feel.

Scan the QR Code to listen to the recordings made at the same location and the week when the picture was taken.

If you would like to purchase the print, please get in touch with us below specifying the size and country of shipping.

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